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About Us

How We Started

Interior Express started as a furniture importer in 2002. The current CEO's father ran a factory in China for the last 25 years that made school desks for the Chinese market. After the son moved to the United States and got a Graduate Degree in Business, the father started pressuring him to get into the family business. The son opened up a 7,000 square foot warehouse in Bensenville, Illinois and started importing furniture to sell to local furniture stores.

A few months into the business the current CEO found eBay and posted, of all things, a 300 lbs glass table which sold in a few days. The whole staff, which consisted of 3 people at the time, joined together to build a crate for the humongous glass table and shipped it to New York. After the table made it to the customer safely (a testament to the careful packaging Interiorexpress still does) he thought he had a good business idea. On the import side of the business, all of the father's friends started suggesting products to import and they started sending samples to the United States to test market.

What We Do

After about 3 months in business we found that the only way to stay alive selling furniture online is to sell a product at such a tremendous value to the customer that you will never get a product returned. It's just too expensive to keep shipping furniture around the county to stay in business. Typically we try to find items that are currently selling for 1.5-2x what we can source and sell the items for currently. So if we see a contemporary sectional sofa selling for $2,500 and we can sell it to you for $1,500, we know that customers aren't going to be upset when they get a $2,500 value and aren't going to send it back. We encourage you to price shop and we stand behind our quality.

Our Products

Today, we have expanded our product selections into contemporary sectional sofas, leather sofa sets and leather sectionals, hassocks or storage ottomans, leather ottomans, bench ottomans and foot stools. Bar stools and dining chairs like parsons chairs and kitchen chairs have made an appearance in 2005, as well as resturaunt chairs. We have tried some classics like the Pavilion Chair, the Le Corbusier line and others. And what classic line is complete without Arco Lamps and Bertoia chairs.

Our Warehouse

Today we distribute from a 500,000 square foot facility, we employ a staff of customer service representatives to help you with anything you need. Our warehouse is open to the public and we would love to have you out!

Our Showroom

Customers are also invited to visit our showroom. We are located at 971 Supreme Dr. Bensenville, IL 60106 (directions here). If you need any assistance please e-mail: Our regular customer service hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:00pm CST.