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Recliners are the type of chairs that provide lounge chair comfort for an accent chair space. If you are considering a piece of living room furniture for both extra seating and your personal comfort afternoons, a recliner is your choice.

Most recliners are made of hardwood frame with high density foam cushioning for the ultra comfort. One of the best upholstery materials for recliners could be bycast leather, which is most comfortable for long time sitting, durable and easy to clean. A good leather recliner could last for years to come.

Furniture recliners are mostly recliner chairs. The other types include rocker recliner and reclining sofa. Maybe because these types are not orthodontic or not as comfortable, they are not as popular as the leather recliner chair type. Overall though, recliner furniture has witnessed growth in the recent years, thanks to its functionality and versatility.

If you are considering a recliner chair or a sofa recliner, here are some factors you will need to bare in mind. First of all, how many seating do you need most of the time? If you only need for extra guests once every year, you may just need recliner chairs. Secondly, what material do you prefer? Do you have all fabric upholstered furniture so you will absolutely want a fabric chair to match? Or do you have pets so you would only consider leather recliners that are easy to clean? All being said, you should decide on the type that you feel most comfortable with. Last but not the least, what color do you want? Most people would go with a black recliner or a brown recliner, simply because these two are the easiest colors to work with.

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