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Rocking Chairs

Originated in the 1800s, rocking chairs were first invented for outdoor use, mostly as garden chairs. For many years and until now, rocking chairs are very often seen on porches and patios. From its very origin, rocking chairs are related to leisure and enjoyment.

The soothing comfortable of rocking chairs are surely welcome with the babies. Chairs rocking become an indispensable part of baby rooms and nurseries. The leisure of rocking chairs is brought from outside to inside the house. Today, no one will be surprised to see a rocking chair serve as living room furniture.

Designs of rocking chairs also develop as the chair gains popularity inside and outside the house. Started as wooden or metal chairs for durability of outdoor use, rocking chairs now have cushioning and upholstery for more comfort and style. Offering modernity to the room, contemporary designs like the molded plastic white rocking chair are very popular among younger demographics. Besides the sleek white color, Interior Express recently introduces the same model in baby blue.

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