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Baxton Studio Lianna Modern and Contemporary Light Grey Fabric Upholstered Sectional Sofa
Item #IER8068-Light Grey-Rev-SF
Price: $1,562.00
Availability: In Stock
Baxton Studio Lianna Modern and Contemporary Dark Grey Fabric Upholstered Sectional Sofa
Item #IER8068-Dark Grey-Rev-SF
Price: $1,562.00
Availability: Backordered

Sectional Sofas

There are several types of furniture that you can use in your rec room or living room, my personal favorite is the sectional sofas.  One does not typically see sofas & loveseats in a sectional sofas configuration but it can be done if you have a wonderful furniture engineer on the job.  An interesting development in the last few years in furniture was the sofas sectional which really came about when people were attempting to entertain more formally and wanting to see everyone in the room.  In your traditional sectionals sofas you might have a chaise and a three seat sitting area, but today you can find them in many configurations.

Shopping for your sectional sofas is first an exercise in utility.  You have to define where in your living room furniture your sectional sofa fits and what type of use you expect out of it.  Since all sofas are not created equal, you should put together some quality measurements in a notebook in order to track what you really find interesting and necessary.  Remember your sectional sofas shopping experience is going to change from store to store so that checklist is really going to come in handy eventually. 

As I mentioned before, a sectional sofa set can come in many configurations.  You might see sectional leather sofas that have the ability to seat 7 to 10 people and smaller apartment sized sofas that only seat a few but can sleep 2.  You sectional sofa set has to fit the room you purchase it for so you need to ask yourself the following questions.  Who am I going to be entertaining?  Where will they sit?  How many people are going to need to sit on my sofa sectionals at one time?  If you find out that you need to seat 10 on your furniture sectional sofas then you might have to custom order.  If you say that you need to seat only 3, you might want to consider a sectional sofa with chaise so one persona can relax while the others sit up straight. 

Let’s say for example you have a tv room that you want to put in some sectional sofa furniture and you don’t know what to buy.  A good way to look at your situation is to really take an evaluation of how many people you think you are going to watch Seinfeld with in all reality and then if there is a lot consider using a microfiber sectional sofa if you think they are going to be messy.  If you watch Frazier you could consider getting a modern sectional sofa or a contemporary sectional sofa.  Or if your crowd watches Matlock, a sectional sofa sleeper would be good if they might pass out.  If you are watching television with your dogs, a group of leather sectional sofas might be nice for odors.  If you want to sleep with your dogs a sectional sleeper sofa might do the trick.  For a casual drink and watching Clifford the Dog with your pets, you might consider a sectional chaise sofa.

You see, you can custom design any room in your house according to use.  A trend this year has been going to contemporary leather sectional sofa over a chair and loveseat set.  Leather is in over a fabric sectional sofa and a black sectional sofa might outsell a lighter color depending on the use.  One thing is for sure, if you need a black leather sectional sofa, please don’t put it in the sunlight as it will be hot when you sit on it.  If you are lucky, you will get a light colored modern leather sectional sofa to deflect some heat.  If there is no heat in your house, then a sectional sofa bed might come in handy.  But, in our opinion, a sectional sofa couch is the best option if you don’t know what to get. We have introduced many new models of modern sectional sofa and contemporary sectional sofa. Make sure you check them out and get the latest trends.

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