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Sofa Beds

A lesser known but none the less popular category in the sofas & loveseats category is the sofa bed. It may surprise you but the original sofa beds may very well date back before the invention of the microwave. Back when people’s houses were averaging under 1,000 square feet and had only 3 rooms, a full sized set of living room furniture was impractical. In order to have an additional guest over without the ability to have a guest room and have them stay over night you need a bed sofa. Then the design and furniture industry introduced the concept we all love, the sofa bed furniture.

Sofa beds aren’t arranged or as uncomfortable as the ones in your parent’s homes anymore. Usually the mention of sofa beds brings back memories of sofas that had a thin mattress with a bar in the middle for support that would dig into your unlucky back all night, leaving you with pain in the morning. The furniture sofa beds of today have been designed to take the pain out of sleeping with inventions such as lateral webbing which supports the body much better. Another feature of the sleeper sofa bed is that the mattress is thicker and more comfortable. Beds sofa now can also have better polyurethane cushioning that allows the body to breathe and the cushions will expand and contract with the body weight.

There are also new materials that are being used on the covers of bed sofas which allow for different uses. A leather sofa bed might be nice for a well used room as leather is durable. Some people purchase a sofa bed futon in fabric because of the low price usually associated with futons. A futon does away with the need to buy and maintain a sofa bed mattress and allows you to do away with the entire futon when you are done using it. So when you are looking for a sofa bed for sale you can remember to browse with your specific uses in mind. Like if you are expecting more than one person over, you can get a double sofa bed or if you are furnishing a small room you can pick up a corner sofa bed. Whether you are looking for a fancy or cheap sofa beds you can always trust you are going to find what you want at

Now comes the room design talk surrounding your new convertible sofa bed and how you are going to use it. If you purchased a leather sofa beds, it is generally approved for durable general use and for all rooms. If you find your piece at a sofa bed sale and you got a great deal, you can even use it on a porch in the summer and fold it up into a standard sofa when you are finished sleeping on it. We recommend keeping your new black sofa bed out of direct sunlight due to the absorption and reflection of the sun rays but if you have a modern sofa bad and the only place you have to put it is by a window, you might have to put towels down. There are specialty sofa beds that can be used outdoors that utilize other rain proof materials. If you are going to go the rout of an outdoor bed I would suggest that you get a single sofa bed.

Another useful suggestion about materials is that a microfiber sofa bed cleans off usually with soap and water. And while you can get a cheap sofa bed for occasional use you might as well look into more expensive options if you need to use the sectional sofa bed more often. A queen sofa bed is also great if you are planning on stretching out after a long day’s work. So what are you waiting for? Buy sofa bed today at!

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