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Baxton Studio Eliya Classic and Traditional Brushed Silver Finished Wood 3-Drawer Storage Cabinet
Item #IEJY18B017-Silver-3DW-Cabinet
Price: $294.00
Availability: In Stock
Baxton Studio Dariana Modern Bohemian Natural Brown Rattan 6-Drawer Storage Cabinet
Item #IERBS018-Rattan-6DW-Cabinet
Price: $250.00
Availability: Backordered
Baxton Studio Seanna Modern and Contemporary Multi-Colored Wood 4-Drawer Storage Unit
Item #IEFZ0190527-4-Multi Colored-Cabinet
Price: $76.00
Availability: In Stock
Baxton Studio Rianne Modern Transitional White Finished Wood 3-Basket Storage Unit
Item #IETLM1802-White-3 Baskets
Price: $103.00
Availability: In Stock
Baxton Studio Rianne Modern Transitional White Finished Wood 2-Basket Storage Unit
Item #IETLM1801-White-2 Baskets
Price: $81.00
Availability: In Stock
Baxton Studio Camber Modern and Contemporary White Finished Wood 4-Basket Storage Unit
Item #IEL34552-White-4 Baskets
Price: $132.00
Availability: Backordered

More information about Storage Tables

What kind of living room tables should you purchase? If you have this question in mind, very possibly you will are looking for living room furniture that is functional as well as stylish.

For practicality, storages tables are your best choice for living room. Besides serving the basic function of a regular coffee table or side table, storage tables provide you extra space to put away living room trivia easily. Your room will no longer be messy while you still have all the things you need ready at hand for any time.

A storage table, as you can see from its name, is a living room table with under table storage. It is mostly used in living rooms, and obviously it can be of great help in baby rooms, bath rooms, or any room where you will want extra storage. The most popular storage tables you see may be coffee storage tables for living rooms and family rooms. Having the most traffic in the house, living room is the center of family life. Naturally, it is all moms’ headache to organize the living room. There are always newspapers, magazines, remote controls, music CDs, toys, snacks and everything else in abundance. At this moment, you may think you will need to buy extra tables and storage. The good news is you do not need to buy these separately. You will just need tables with storage. All the newspapers and magazines now go to the left drawer under the table, and everything else can go to the right drawer. Problem solved and in no time you have a neat living room again. For the same price, you get more than just a coffee table; you get a space-saving table with storage.

Now you see why you do not need buy extra organizers? You can get a table and storage at the same time. You are concerned the black storage table is too bulky and does not fit your room? No need to worry. There is a wide selection for you to choose from. If you are a contemporary style fan, get a modern storage table. If you are looking for something for your kid’s room, get a storage play table. If you want a convenient spot for your bath room, get a storage bench table for both organization and temporary seating. Picture in your mind what your ideal storage table will be, and Interior Express will help you find it today.

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